scamper for google goggles




1. Substitute: Change the online search methods into offline application for PC, laptop, tablets, or smartphones. Then, the application can be updated every seconds.

2. Combine: Customer could find picture via Google Goggles offline application. So, it doesn’t need to be connected to the internet.

3. Adapt: Online system keeps update.

4. Modify: The online system could be the place for sharing pictures gained based on search, share to social medias (twitter, Facebook etc), social applications (instagram, path, etc) or blog (wordpress, blogspot, tumblr, etc).

5. Put to other Use: Google Goggles is not only become picture-based search engine, but also as an online-sharing place for customers.

6. Eliminate: Customers are not obliged to be online, because Google Goggles is available as an offline application also.

7. Rearrange: Switch the purpose of Google Goggles as picture-based search engine to an attractive online-sharing media.



scamper sbm itb

This tool helps you generate ideas for new products and services by encouraging you to think about how you could improve existing ones.


membuat pengajaran di sbm dengan real experience


banyak menggunakan experience dalam pengajaran seperti role play atau field trip diluar selain di kampus.


semua hal yang berkaitan dengan pembelajaran di kampus berupa studi kasus di real life


ada assembly point untuk para mahasiswa sebagai entertainment and relax place, seperti lounge, yang digabung dengan semacam coffeeshop.


kampus digunakan juga sebagai sarana berkumpul, jadi semakin menambah kegiatan positif untuk mahasiswa.


lebih dekat lagi hubungan antara murid dosen tutor dan admin, agar tercipta suasana kampus yang kondusif. 


lebih diperbarui lagi sistem pengajarannya, dengan yang mengutamakan pengajaran di real life yang ada.



ImageIDEO is an international design and innovation consultancy founded in Palo Alto, CaliforniaUnited States with other locations in San FranciscoChicagoNew YorkBostonLondonMunichShanghaiSingaporeMumbaiSeoul, and Tokyo. The company helps design products, services, environments, and digital experiences. Additionally, the company has become increasingly involved in management consulting and organizational design.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had a powerful influence on the work of Ludwig van Beethoven. They may have met in Vienna in 1787, and Beethoven may even have had a few lessons from Mozart, although this is uncertain; there is only one account of a meeting, and it is not contemporary. Beethoven knew much of Mozart’s work. Some of his themes recall Mozart’s, and he modeled a number of his compositions on those of the older composer.

Beethoven visited Vienna early in 1787, but accounts differ as to the exact dates. Cooper states that he arrived in early April and left about three weeks later. Haberl says that he arrived in January 1787 and departed in March or April, remaining in the city for up to10½ weeks. There is evidence for this in the Regensburgische Diarium. Beethoven’s return to Bonn was prompted at least in part by his mother’s medical condition (she died of tuberculosis in July of that year). His father was nearly incapacitated by alcoholism, and Beethoven had two younger brothers, so he may have needed to go home to help support his family.

Written documentation of Beethoven’s visit is thin, but Mozart was in Prague for part of early 1787, and the two composers may have met. Haberl’s dates imply a period of about six weeks when this could have occurred. There are various views as to what happened during the visit. The 19th century biographer Otto Jahn gives the following anecdote:

Beethoven made his appearance in Vienna as a youthful musician of promise in the spring of 1787, but was only able to remain there a short time; he was introduced to Mozart, and played to him at his request. Mozart, considering the piece he performed to be a studied show-piece, was somewhat cold in his expressions of admiration. Beethoven, noticing this, begged for a theme for improvisation, and, inspired by the presence of the master he revered so highly, played in such a manner as gradually to engross Mozart’s whole attention; turning quietly to the bystanders, he said emphatically, “Mark that young man; he will make himself a name in the world!”

Jahn does not say where he got this from, mentioning only that “it was communicated to me in Vienna on good authority”. No contemporary document (such as a letter written by Beethoven or Mozart or a reminiscence of any of Beethoven’s contemporaries) corroborates the story, and contemporary scholarship seems reluctant to propagate it. The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians does not mention it; its account of the visit is as follows:

In the spring of 1787 Beethoven visited Vienna. In the absence of documents much remains uncertain about the precise aims of the journey and the extent to which they were realized; but there seems little doubt that he met Mozart and perhaps had a few lessons from him.

Apple Inc.

I choose Apple become the most creative company. Why? mungkin karena apple sudah bisa menjadi trend setter di dunia pergadgetan . Untuk lebih jelasnya saya akan mengulik entang sejarahnya.

Jadi Apple, Inc. (sebelumnya bernama Apple Computer, Inc.) adalah sebuah perusahaan yang terletak di daerah Silicon Valley, Cupertino, California, yang bergerak dalam bidang teknologi komputer. Apple membantu bermulanya revolusi komputer pribadi pada tahun 1970-an dengan produknya Apple II dan memajukannya sejak tahun 1980-an hingga sekarang dengan Macintosh. Apple terkenal akan perangkat keras ciptaannya, seperti iMac, Macbook, perangkat pemutar lagu iPod, dan telepon genggam iPhone. Beberapa perangkat lunak ciptaanya pun mampu bersaing di bidang kreatif seperti penyunting video Final Cut Pro, penyunting suara Logic Pro dan pemutar lagu iTunes yang sekaligus berfungsi sebagai toko lagu online.

ini contoh produk yang terkenal dari Apple