scamper for google goggles




1. Substitute: Change the online search methods into offline application for PC, laptop, tablets, or smartphones. Then, the application can be updated every seconds.

2. Combine: Customer could find picture via Google Goggles offline application. So, it doesn’t need to be connected to the internet.

3. Adapt: Online system keeps update.

4. Modify: The online system could be the place for sharing pictures gained based on search, share to social medias (twitter, Facebook etc), social applications (instagram, path, etc) or blog (wordpress, blogspot, tumblr, etc).

5. Put to other Use: Google Goggles is not only become picture-based search engine, but also as an online-sharing place for customers.

6. Eliminate: Customers are not obliged to be online, because Google Goggles is available as an offline application also.

7. Rearrange: Switch the purpose of Google Goggles as picture-based search engine to an attractive online-sharing media.



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